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  Guangdong Power Supply Association is composed of such leading units in power supply trade as China National Electric Apparatus Research Institute, Guangdong Power Supply Society, China Power Supply Website (www.cps800.com), ZTE Corporation and Shenzhen Hunt-key Chiyuan Science and Technology Co, Ltd. Our Association is as well the first-class aggregate corporation in Guangdong province that was approved and registered in Guangdong Department of Civil Affairs. Not only experts from the national academic circles and a large number of scientific personnel are association members, but also a lot of famous enterprises in power supply trade have become members of the association. The vision of Guangdong Power Supply Association is to unite the academic circles with the industrial circles, promote their exchange and cooperation in scientific development and production, and accelerate the transformation of technology into productive force, which together constitute a comprehensive service chain ranging from technology, product to market.
The main functions of Guangdong Power Supply Association:
1. Protect the common interests of the whole trade and the legal profits of member enterprises, exercise its function as a bridge across government, enterprises and users.
2.Publicize domestic and international technical laws and regulations, the latest news of standards, and help enterprises to recognize and cope with the new situation.
3.Carry out all kinds of selections and recommendations in respect of enterprises and products.
4.Make researches, discussions, and exchanges and provide services in the fields of technology, quality, standards, testing, certification, market and information and etc.
5.Provide member enterprises with the latest news of new products and technology, product standards and quality, and the latest market information at home and abroad.
6.Organize member enterprises to attend domestic and international surveys, investigations and researches, exhibitions and fairs and etc.
??? We warmly welcome institutions, science and research institutes, universities, and testing institutions to join us-Guangdong Power Supply Association.

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